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Welcome to the PWUFC Wiki! In this Wiki You can Put Fictional Countries that you can make up and build up articles and its history!

This wiki was founded on 11th December 2015 by BainTheCool, We have over 174 articles and over 562 files. Read me Before Editing!
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  • Coolmax260

    ASB warning labels!

    October 3, 2016 by Coolmax260

    In case of alien space bats, please apply directly to the page.

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  • Squirrel719

    Hello! today so much work has been done on this wiki!

    But now it is time for infoboxes! These ones will be slightly different to the traditional Polandball Wikia style. but basically follow Template:Ambox/doc for instructions into making a notice. there is already a stub template (the image is a placeholder) but we need much more! such as Template:Delete and Template:Ownership (The latter being for pages that you don't want edited by other people and Template:Delete needing to be put into the theme).

    Credit to Polandballsafe wikia and Club Penguin wikia for some of the stuff. 

    UPDATE: I've added a Template:Colony template. 

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  • Squirrel719

    Country Catagory Rules

    December 21, 2015 by Squirrel719

    Hello! I updated the main page and added 5 Categories to the page, they are the 5 continents which are:

    • The Americas
    • Oceania
    • Africa
    • Europe
    • Asia

    These are Country Category Rules:

    • 1. If the Country is transcontinental, then the catagory will be the continent that the capital is in. 
    • 2. Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia and Azeribaijan are European
    • Russia Before Ural Mountains is European
    • Greenland is American
    • Iceland is European
    • The Whole of Indonesia is Asian
    • Papua New Guinea is Oceanic
    • The Middle East (excluding the ones I said above) is apart of Asia
    • 3. If the country is located between, for example Turkey and Armenia, then it will be apart of the continent that has more of its land in it. If you are lazy just guess or put it in both. 
    • 4. Also you can use the Transcontinental catagory
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